Safety Comes First!

We as parents know the challenge we face daily on our roads and can see how the roads and traffic situations has changed over the past years. It is just not the same as it was 10 or 15 years ago although the K53 test that our teens are being tested on has been active for way longer. The K53 drivers test is a system to determine your ability on safe driving. It does not guarantee your safety!

This is not something that we can avoid and we know that our children will be out there in order to get to class, work or just enjoying the freedom.

The most important time for your teens driving career is the first few days, weeks and months after passing the driver’s license test.

Ensure the training that they received was sufficient in every way.

Please ensure that your teen is safe in their ability on the road!

Contact our office if you have any questions. Do not delay, get started TODAY! 

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