The difference between Code 8 and Code 10

The difference between Code 8 and Code 10

We receive many calls each week from clients who have passed their Code 10 drivers licence. They request extra training on the Code 8 light motor vehicles though. Training and test requirements for the Code 10 drivers licence are not as intense as with the Code 08 drivers licence, making it easier to pass your drivers licence. This means that if you pass the Code 10 drivers licence you are also allowed to drive any code 8 light motor vehicle. Most students applying for the Code 10 drivers licence, do so in order to get a drivers licence and then gain experience on the code 8 light motor vehicles at a later stage. It seems like this is a shortcut to a drivers licence. However, if your intention is to drive a car it would be highly recommended to get extra training with the code 8 light motor vehicle in order to gain the necessary skills and confidence.

The benefit of doing the Code 08 drivers licence is that by the time you passed the test you would have mastered the necessary skills in order to be safe on the road. With this option all your training was done with the code 8 light motor vehicle and you should be quite confident in your abilities. It doesn’t happen often that a student will need major training after passing the code 8 light motor vehicle drivers license test. So the test requirements might be more challenging but it definitely has its advantages after passing the test. After all, that`s why the Driving Instructor is there to help you with.

When we look at costs between doing the Code 08 or Code 10 there wont be much of a difference. This depends on each persons own abilities and driving experience. You might just have to spend more if you need additional training after passing the Code 10 drivers licence. And just getting behind the wheel when you know that you are not safe is very irresponsible and can get you into big trouble.

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