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A Driving School`s main goal is to get maximum results in the least amount of time possible with each individual student. It does not matter if a person has to do Learners License or Drivers License, there are a few ways a driving school can save you a ton of time, not to mention the frustration and money that goes along with it.

Save time by doing an Assessment:

The main purpose of  a driving assessment is to establish at what level the student is at with regards to their driving ability and traffic/road capabilities. By doing an assessment the instructor can very easily establish if the student only needs a few lessons or if they might need a substantial amount of attention/time. Even if some students might need more time than others, this intern will still result in saving time as the student won`t be doing unnecessary training or even doing the incorrect training which waists time. Getting the correct feedback from the onset is critical to saving time, and money. This way future training and test procedures can be planned effectively.

Save time by doing a Test Date Booking:

The test date booking procedure is probable the thing that creates the most headaches and frustration. The reason is that parents and the students go to a testing center to arrange the test date booking with very little if any knowledge of what the process is and what is needed to complete the process successfully. The long or wrong queues, the incomplete completion of application forms and disastrous eye tests can make any person insane. This can waist you whole day. How cool would it be if the instructor collects the student at home, saving mom or dad a ton of time not having to take time off from work, make sure all the necessary documentation and money is ready, guide them step by step through the process at the testing center and escorts them back to home or school with a test date booking pre-booked? It`s really that simple. It can be done, no mess no fuss!

Save time by doing Driving Lessons:

If a driving school were in charge or helping a student with driving lessons, parents especially saves time by not having to take time from their busy schedules teaching their kids K53. Imagine how stressed the student and the parent would be if they had to do that. Dad would probably have a fit every time it remotely looks like you are going to hit the curb and scratch his car. That`s why a driving school is the best policy.

Save time by doing a Dummy Test:

Rushing to do a test is a recipe for disaster. A dummy test is strongly recommended if a student is unsure if they are ready for their upcoming test. The last thing you want to do is rushing to do your driving lessons, do the test and fail because you were not prepared enough. The instructor can also indicate on the lessons if the student is ready, but if there is any doubt, a dummy test is recommended. The purpose is to not keep failing your test, which leads to constant training and testing which waists a lot of time and money. How about passing the test first time!

Save time by doing a test:

The day of the test, the students will naturally be a bit nervous. Once again the parent benefits because they don`t have to take time off from work to assist with the test. It is also best for the instructor to be with the student at that time as the instructor understands the process of the test. The instructor will show the student what pitfalls they have to look out for during the test. They show in depth the student what the process will be and how to handle it accordingly. The student will automatically be more relaxed and confident to deal with the situation.

Additional time saving factors:

  • The driving school collects the student at home or school.
  • They driving school provides a sufficient information booklet to increase chances of a first time pass.
  • The student has the privilege of booking their next lesson immediately with the instructor.
  • Constant feedback from the instructor to the parents to share the students progress and if certain tweaks needs to be made to the process.
  • The instructors are time conscious. All training are dealt with in maximum productivity, not compromising the learning abilities of the student.

It is easy to see how you could save time by trusting they driving school to take care of all the aspects. Even though the driving school is focused on time efficiency, what is most important is quality!

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