What is the Young Drivers Support Program?

The YOUNG DRIVER SUPPORT PROGRAM is designed to keep our teens safe on our ever changing road conditions. As responsible parents we should be aware of the fact that passing the driver’s license test does not mean your teen is safe on the road. The K53 system is only the foundation for your teens driving career and does not cater for their complete safety. It is no longer “good enough” to only pass their driver’s license. This will not keep your teen safe but it is our duty to educate our teens on the challenges they will face in different situations and challenging road conditions. These aspects are not handled when doing the driver’s license test.

Simple having your Drivers License does not make you a safe driver.  Do not delay, get started TODAY!

The Benefits

  • Gain sustainable confidence in your abilities
  • Get to know your vehicle`s capabilities and the mechanically aspects
  • Develop quick decision making abilities
  • Improvement in overall road awareness
  • Lower risk of hi-jacking situations
  • Good driving habits from the onset
  • Comprehensive accident avoidance techniques