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Imagine passing your Drivers License first time?

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How about feeling comfortable and safe with your Driving Instructor?

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What if we could save you time, money and unnecessary frustration?

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Pass your Learners Licence With Confidence

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Do not delay... Get started TODAY!

FINALLY… A Driving School who understands what you need!


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myth bustingMYTH BUSTING!!!

1.  I will not pass my test the FIRST TIME.

FALSE. If you get proper training and you take the time to prepare well, it is more than possible to pass your test the first time. We will help you from point A-Z.

2.  Using a Driving School is very expensive.

FALSE. If you choose the wrong driving school that don`t care about helping you, they will cost you money. But if you choose to do enough research and choose the best possible Driving School, they will in fact safe you a lot of money because they focus on MAXIMUM effort in the LEAST amount of TIME. Most Driving Schools charge according to time.

3.  I will not pass my test unless I “bribe” a Test Examiner.

FALSE. We at TOPONE Driving School do not involve ourselves with any criminal activity including “buying and selling” of Drivers Licenses. We are extremely proud of the fact that that we have been able to help 1000`s of student over the years to get their Drivers License legally. We also stay away from Testing Centres, examiners and driving schools that are involved in bribery.  Once again, If you get the right training, you can pass your test without having to “bribe” anyone.

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We cater for all areas in Pretoria and Centurion. We collect and drop-off!

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