7 Critical Reasons Why you need your drivers license NOW

7 Critical Reasons Why you need your drivers license NOW

7 Critical Reasons Why you need your drivers license NOW

Kids, waiting until number 99 to focus only then on your Drivers License is for most part a big mistake and there are a few critical reasons as to why you (and mom & dad) need to focus on it rather sooner than later.

Reason #1: Independence

By the time you reach ages 17, it is time to start thinking of your independence. You needs the ability to move around without mom and dad constantly there. Surely you do not want to keep asking mom or dad to drive you around, right? The fact is that mom and dad is working during the day and are unable to take time off of work to drive you around. But even worse, can you imagine you have a “date” with a potential boy- or girlfriend and you have to ask your parents to drive you there. How embarrassing is that!

Reason #2: More Job Opportunities

Today most jobs require you to have a Drivers License in order to apply for a job. However, some companies do not require you to have your own vehicle.  The reason is that they might provide you with a company vehicle. But you still have to have your drivers license, right? Obviously having at least a Drivers License is enough to find you a good decent job. Note that some jobs do require a Drivers License as well as your own vehicle. eg. Sales Rep Jobs.

Reason #3: Be mobile by the time you go to college or university

Once you are  in College or University, you will be swamped with work. There will be no time… But even more important; you need to focus on your studies instead of struggling to get your Drivers License. The last thing you want to focus on is “learning to drive”. Sorting your Drivers License before you start with College or University will also increase your chances of driving yourself to school. Or do you want you parents to drive you around? I don`t think so. Once again it comes back to being independent and starting early.

Reason #4: Public Transport is unreliable

Who want to ride the bus to work? Or take the train to College? We all know that public transport can be very unreliable. Way too often you see broken down buses on the side of the road. And the worst part is every time something like this goes wrong, you have to explain to your boss or lecturer why you are late. I don`t know about you, but I would rather want to drive myself around that having to keep explaining why I am late because of outside factors.

Reason #5: Emergency Situations

What if something bad happened? What if a family member got hurt and they need to get to the hospital urgently. And what if you are the only other person there take them? You need to be able to drive. This is probable one of the most important reasons as to why you need to get your Drivers License. You never know when you will be faced with a life or death situation. It`s always best to be well prepared is something were to happen.

Reason #6: Save money in the long run

Rushing to get your Drivers License can get very expensive for your parents. The reason is that you will be under immense pressure to get it done and frankly this is not completely the best environment to learn how to drive. And this can cause you to keep failing your test over and over again. You will also have to take way more driving lessons as originally anticipated because you don`t have the time to practice what you learned from the driving school, at home (saving some money). Making is a lot more expensive than planned. The sooner you begin, the less unnecessary cost is involved. This also brings me to my next and last point…

Reason #7: Learning to drive is a stressful affair

The sooner you begin to learn how to drive, the quicker you will learn the skill you need and you will know how to handle the pressuren on the day of your test. You will also have enough time to correct any faults or weak points. The focus is to get you super confident for your test. You will only make the process even harder for yourself if you wait until the point where it is almost too late. Not the best strategy.

What we recommend:

The moment you turn 17, do your Learners License immediately, and if possible start to drive with mom or dad`s supervision, otherwise a certified driving school will also be able to help you. By the time you turn 18, you can conduct your Drivers License test with ease.  Begin to drive at least 6 months before your 18th birthday. This will give you enough time to practice your skills. Obviously the more time you invest in your driving, the better the results will be.

But the moment you get your Drivers License, will be the moment you will realize it was all worth it.

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