Computer vs Written Learners License Test

Computer vs Written Learners License Test

In 2012 the Department of Transport implemented a New Computerized Learners License test with the purpose to combat any fraud and corruption in the old system at driver’s license testing stations and driving schools. Some testing stations are on the computerized system and there are still a few that does the old written learners test.

The biggest difference between the old and the new system is that the old Learners License test is a theoretical pen and paper test. With the old written test there are fewer questions to study. (+- 200 questions in total) This makes the study time shorter and the test easier to pass.

With the New Computerized test there are more or less 1800 possible variations of questions on a rotating loop system. Studying can be a bit more challenging.

You will need to have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the road rules, signs and vehicle controls in order to pass the test. Both these test will have a total of 68 questions. The first 4 questions will be examples. (2 rules and 2 signs) After that you will have 64 questions to answer of witch 28 will be rules of the road, 28 signs of the road and 8 vehicle controls.

In order to pass the test you will need at least 23/28 on the road rules, 22/28 on the road signs and 6/8 on the vehicle controls.

Happy Studying.