Corrupt Testing Centre Examiners

Corrupt Testing Centre Examiners

Corrupt Testing Centre Examiners

How can you be sure that your teen was evaluated fairly after going for their drivers license test and if they were unsuccessful because of their own in capabilities? How will we know if they failed the drivers test because of an examiner expecting a bribe? It is very easy to look for faults if you don’t get what you want and oversee mistakes if you do.

We see this all too often in a system we have no control over whereas examiners have the authority and position to take advantage of these situations. Examiners have assistants outside the Driver Licence Testing Centres called ‘’RUNNERS’’ that will approach you and warn you that you will not pass the test without a bribe or for a better word ‘’EXAMINERS FEE’’ as the test is very difficult to pass. This is done to play on your emotions to their own benefit. They are well aware of the fact that our teens are nervous when going for their tests and they take advantage of this reality.

We then end up with a lot of new drivers on the road that are a danger to us and our families because of the decisions they make. As for the students who work hard at the systems rules are then failed for small mistakes or no reason at all, because of them not willing to pay these bribes.

The drivers test can be a very emotional experience for our teens and we don’t need these types of situations or pressure when trying to do something that is just about a necessity in every day life. The pressure is from us as parents because of the costs of training and for the students from parents and friends expecting them to pass first time round.

Who can we contact should we be aware off any unlawful activity within a Drivers Licence Testing Centre and or Driving Schools? Anti-Corruption Hotline: (080) 070 1701. Remember if we do nothing we are in actual fact allowing people to kill on our roads.

What can we do to prepare our teens for these types of situations? Our teens need to be aware of the facts but not judge all examiners because of a few bad apples. Teens should speak up during a test if they feel that they are being marked unfairly and know what the test requirements are on each stage of the test. It all comes down to proper preparation and training.

If this continues it will result in even more blood on our roads. Are you willing to take the risk with your child?

For more information, contact our offices at or phone at 082 367 5753 / 0861 488 863.

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