Drivers License: How to guide

Drivers License: How to guide

Drivers License: How to guide

You`ve got your Learners License and now it`s time for the next step: Driver License! This is what you do:

1. Book your Drivers License test
Go to a traffic department: Please contact the office for date availability at different testing centers.

You need to take the following:

– South African ID/passport and a copy
– Learners License and a copy
– 4x Black+white ID photos
– R228 Application fee
Get an application form (Form DL1) and complete section A,B and D.
You will need to do an eye test and pass the test for your application to be approved. If you have glasses or contact lenses, you will need them for the eye test.
You will then receive an Receipt with your Driver License test date and time. Please keep this Receipt in a safe place.

2. Prepare for the test
This is by far the most important part in getting your Drivers License.
The K53 test is divided into 3 sections: pre-trip inspection, parkings and driving on the public road.
You will have to do driving lessons to learn all 3 sections of the K53 test.
Practice at home what you have learned on your driving lessons.
Make sure that you are comfortable with the vehicle you practised in and use the same vehicle for your test. Note: The vehicle needs to be roadworthy.

3. Do the Test
Report at the traffic department 30 minutes before the test time.

You need to take the following:
– South African ID/passport
– Learners License
– Receipt
– R228 Issue fee

There you go. Really not that difficult, hey! Please remember to keep your temporary Driver License paper with you at all times, while you waiting for your Driver License card to be prepared by the testing center. They will inform you through post when you can collect your card.

For more information, contact our offices at [email protected] or phone at 082 367 5753 / 0861 488 863.

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