Importance of a Driving Assessment

Importance of a Driving Assessment

Importance of a Driving Assessment

Driving is a learned skill. All students have different driving skills and capabilities by the time they reach the age whereby they are ready for their Driver’s Licence. A Driving Assessment is a process whereby a Driving Instructor evaluates your driving skills, parking techniques, situational awareness and over all competency.

The Instructor will be able to determine if the student is in fact a beginner driver, a intermediate driver or a advance driver. Here are the differences between the three:

  • Beginner Driver: This is someone who still needs to learn the basics, the vehicle controls. They often have to practice clutch control, stopping, steering etc. They aren`t near ready to focus on the actual practical tests if they can`t get the basics right and control the vehicle effectively.
  • Intermediate Driver: This is someone who knows the basics and do not have a problem handeling the vehicle controls. But they do however have to start focussing on the actual Drivers Licenese test and all the test elements they have to conduct practically. This in turn builds self-confidence.
  • Advanced Driver: This is someone who understands and implements the basics, have lots of self confidence but hone in more in depth in the practical Drivers License test example observations, vehicle inspections, parking and K53 methods. They have a lot more experience behind the wheel. Usually classified as a “old driver”.

The importance of a Driving Assessment are two fold. One, the Driving Instrucktor needs to assess the students CURRENT skill set. Two, the Driving Instructor needs to determine how much more training the stydent will need to get them ready for their Drivers License test & road safety and what pricing package will apply specifically to that students needs MOVING FORWARD.

The Driving Assessment also provide the opportunity for the student to get “comfortable” with the Driving Instructor. To “break the ice” as they say. If for any reason the student is not comfortable, we encourange the student or parent to contact our office so we can ajust accordingly. Our students are our FIRST PRIORITY.

If a Driving Assessment was done properly, the Driving Instructor will have the knowledge to plan ahead starting from the Test Date Booking, Driving Lessons and the Drivers License test. This will help the student to know what training they need and estimate how long it will take to reach their goal.

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