Most of us can remember the very first time we got behind the wheel. The experience we had could be good or bad and most of the time we started driving at home where a spouse or family member was willing to help us get the process started. This has its benefits but with me and so many others I now train it can take longer to get the hang of the whole driving experience doing it this way. Especially if you don’t get the right information or don’t understand how the vehicle and its controls actually work. There are so many students now driving who still don’t understand how each control affect their driving and vehicle control, ultimately impacting their safety because of habits they have adapted from the very first driving lessons. These habits can last throughout their driving career and can at one or other stage lead to an accident.

The first thing we usually learn is how to move off without stalling or jerking the vehicle but again it is so important that you understand how each control impact the movement of your vehicle.

‘’Another example’’ You are traveling on a straight road and are about to approach a turn. You are in third gear and the first thing you need to do is slow down to an appropriate speed. Once your speed is down you need to select a lower gear (example: second gear). It is important then to release the clutch pedal before you move into the turn. This will prevent your vehicle from coasting giving you more traction on the wheels ultimately giving you more control over your vehicle.

And so there are many factors that can have a big effect on your driving ability. Try at least for your very first driving lesson to get someone that is capable to assist you with this process so that you will have a good foundation to start from. Your progress will be much quicker than you might think. This will also benefit you as you prepare for your drivers license test. DRIVE SAFE!