Letter from the CEO & Founder, Roelf Jacobs

TOPOne Driving Schools` success as a growth company is tied directly to our culture of real results. Today we believe that sustainable results that benefits the students and the company will play a key role in the future of our business.

This principle shapes how we do business. The results we see continue to motivate us. As you will read in this letter, we are pushing the boundaries to separate ourselves from others by means of our innovative training programs.

We are constantly integrating more productive ways of working across our business – from learners to drivers licenses, to our business opportunity and driving instructors academy. While this work propels us forward we also recognize that TOPONE is positioned to leverage the power of our brand to drive positive change across our entire value chain, within our industry and beyond.

We are dedicated to serving our students and helping them reach their full potential. As a growth company we are dedicated to creating value for our shareholders.

By sharing our experience, documenting our progress, noting where we have fallen short and identifying the challenges that lie ahead, we hope TOPONE can help positively shape the future.

Roelf Jacobs,

CEO & Founder

TOPONE Driving School