Drivers License Test


1. What is the age requirement to book for my Drivers License?

The age requirement for a motorcycle smaller than 125cc is 17jrs and larger than 125cc 18jrs. Light motor vehicle and heavy motor vehicle is 18jrs.

2. What documentation is needed for me to make a booking for my Drivers License?

You will need a valid ID or Passport, Learners License and a copy of each, id photos, proof of residence and R228 booking fee. (Gauteng area)

3. Can someone else do the booking for me?

No one else is allowed to book the test for you. You need to be at the testing station in person as you will be doing an eye test. (TOPONE Driving School Test Date Booking Assistance for only R380)

4. How soon can I do the test and where should I go?

Test dates differ from each testing station. Ask your Driving School about dates available and where to go for the test.

5. Will I pass my drivers license test the first time?

Just like any test, you will need to prepare. Get a Driving Instructor that you trust and feel comfortable with. Practice as much as possible.

6. What car will I use for my test?

You can use any vehicle as long as it is roadworthy. We recommend using the vehicle you’ve been practicing with. A smaller vehicle is also easier to handle on the parkings. (Book a vehicle with TOPONE Driving School for R760 and get a preparation session before the test)

What is the next step?

The Booking Process
  1. Complete the booking form and send it to us
  2. We will contact you and arrange an appropriate time
  3. One of our certified Instructors will collect you and take you to the testing station for your booking
  4. Your Instructor will assist you with the booking process
  5. After receiving your test date your Instructor will drop you off anywhere in Pretoria or Centurion areas


On the day of my Test
  1. Your Instructor will collect you two hours before your test time and confirm that you have all relevant documentation
  2. You will have the opportunity to drive the test route and your Instructor will give you valuable tips that you need to know
  3. Your Instructor will ensure that you report to the right area on time
  4. After completion your Instructor will drop you off anywhere in Pretoria or Centurion areas