Test Date Bookings and SCAM Artists. You have to be alert!

Test Date Bookings and SCAM Artists. You have to be alert!

Test Date Bookings and SCAM Artists. You have to be alert!

We received a call from a client regarding a Drivers License Test Date Booking. She wanted to know particularly if we can assist her with arranging the booking without her being present at the Testing Centre in other word we arrange the booking on her behalf. We informed her that unfortunately the system doesn`t allow us to make Test Date Bookings on a client’s behalf as the client has to conduct an eye test at the centre.

She went on to explain that she already paid R850 to someone else from a local Pretoria driving school to assist her with the booking process. Apparently he promised her to arrange the Test Date Booking on her behalf and she trusted that he will get the job done. Unfortunately she had no idea that this person was a SCAM and he had no authority to arrange the Test Date Booking on her behalf. She explained that after many attempts of phoning, she cannot get a hold of him. She and her parents then came to the conclusion of what had just happened and therefore they had lost all the fees that had been paid to this SCAM artist and still no Booking was made for her.

This is a very sad situation for the innocent parties involved. In a case like this we would recommend that a official complaint be put up onto the internet of this person or business with all the relevant details also listed onto any scam alert website. Hallo Peter seems to be a favorite for these purposes.

You need this information before attempting to commit to a Driving School or any person thereof:

  1. In order to book your Learners- or Drivers License, you need to be at the Testing Centre in person. You will be required to do an eye test and complete the relevant application form.
  2. No person or business is allowed to book a test date on behalf of a client. This is the start of a SCAM or an organized fraud process.
  3. Requirements for a Drivers License Test Date Booking are ID and a copy, Learners License and a copy, ID photos, R228 booking fee payable at the Testing Centre.
  4. When paying any fees to a local Driving School or Driving Instructor, be sure to receive a receipt with all their contact details, address and vat number. You should even go as far as to Google all the details and confirm that this person or business has a good track record.

A final note:

Do you think you can trust this person or business with your safety and K53 training test preparation and any money payable thereafter if this is what they are up too?

Don’t let the inconvenience of the Test Date Booking process drag you in to a “Money Making SCAM” that Driving Instructors and Driving School take advantage of. Not all Driving Schools are involved in such activity, but it sure is worth it to investigate before making a commitment.

For more information, contact our offices at [email protected] or phone at 082 367 5753 / 0861 488 863.

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