The dangers of “buying” a Drivers Licence

The dangers of “buying” a Drivers Licence


The dangers of “buying” a Drivers Licence

We all experience frustration in the current South African Road Traffic System which we have no control over because of external factors where we often come across teens who failed their Drivers Licence because of something small they did wrong or the examiner was “the problem”. With this frustration we often look for alternatives to get results. So the question remains: If a Driving School offers you the opportunity to buy a Drivers Licence for your teen, would you say YES or NO?

Implications of saying YES:

  • Saying YES is easy, but have you thought of the consequences it might have? Do you think that your teen will respect you for choosing the easy way out? Is this what we want to teach our children when they are facing difficulty? Or should we support them fully and allow them to grow through difficult situations?
  • Can you say without any doubt that your teen will be safe on the road? If your teen did not have the proper training beforehand, they are at risk of serious injury or death. Will you be able to take responsibility should your teen be injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident? (Most accidents are caused by human error and teens are on top of the list)
  • Is this where you would want to spend your money? Knowing you are supporting illegal activity giving these people even more motivation to fail students unless they are willing to pay the bride.

Why you should say NO:

  • Saying NO is also easy if you know what you are saying NO too. Teach your child not to quit when times get tough. Even with the different situations we find ourselves with. They won’t always have us to help them and need to learn to make good and healthy decisions on their own. We as parents need to be the example of this.
  • Wouldn’t it be better to get more training and assist your teen emotionally in the process for them to respect the fact that hard work pays off. It’s really not that difficult if you acquire the right advice and training. Like any other test you just need to practice and prepare.
  • Because your teen is going through the system legally, they have acquired more experience and it can only be beneficial for their future. Even if they didn’t pass the first time, try to encourage them rather than breaking them down as they are usually worried more about what you will say and think.
  • Your teen will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment for what they can achieve in life. Support them in the best way possible for this important life skill.
  • So it’s not only the physical aspect of just buying a license or not but also the emotional you put your teen through when making this decision.

Making the choice between one of these two will at some point have an effect on your teen in the future. Whether it be emotionally or physically.

The choice is yours! Please keep your teen safe, and the best way to do just that  is to say NO to buying their Drivers Licence.

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