Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection

Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection

The very first thing you will need to do on the day of your Driver’s License Test is a Pre-Trip Inspection on your vehicle.

Here are a few tips to help you and get full points.

Pre-Trip Inspection exterior

  1. There are no obstructions or leakages under the vehicle. (Mention on approach of vehicle starting on the driver side moving in an anti-clockwise direction)
  2. The right side mirror is clean and secure.
  3. The windscreen is clean, has no damage and the wipers are not worn.
  4. The right front tire tread, sidewall and pressure is correct. The valve cap is on and there are no oil or grease leaks.
  5. The lenses and reflectors are clean, secure and undamaged.
  6. The bonnet, grill, bumper and number plate is clean and secure.
  7. The oil water and brake fluid levels are correct and the fan belt is in good working condition.
  8. The left side wheel has been checked as on the right front.
  9. The license disc is valid.
  10. The left side mirror has been checked as on the right.
  11. The left side doors, window winders and seatbelts operate correctly and is in good working condition.
  12. The left rear wheel has been checked as the right front.
  13. The fuel cap is secure and locked.
  14. The rear window, lenses and reflectors has been checked as the front.
  15. The number plate, bumper and exhaust is secure and in good condition.
  16. The spare wheel, jack and wheel spanner has been checked.
  17. The right rear wheel has been checked as on the right front.
  18. The right side doors, window winders and seatbelts have been checked as on the left.

Pre-Trip Inspection interior

Turn the key to the on position. The examiner will ask you to get into the vehicle and check the operation of the following: Front and rear lights, indicators, wipers and signalling the horn. Ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy before going for your test.

  1. The doors are closed.
  2. The park brake is on. (The park brake must not make a ratchet sound)
  3. The gear is in neutral.
  4. There are no obstructions.
  5. The seat is adjusted for the correct driving position. (Depress the clutch completely using your left foot only – also to ensure that your seat is adjusted correctly)
  6. The mirrors are adjusted for maximum rear view vision. (Adjust only whilst vehicle is stationary)